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Airline Maintenance and Engineering Training Ltd. (EASA/UKCAA Part 147.0091)
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Airline Maintenance & Engineering Training (AMET Ltd)

AMET Ltd is an UKCAA/EASA Part 147 approved training organisation (No UK.147.0091).
We are an independent training company offering flexible and cost-effective options to meet your training requirements anywhere in the world.
Training can be conducted at our approved training centres in the UK, or at your preferred local facility (subject to appropriate 147 approval).



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   UPCOMING COURSES: B757 B1/B2+B767 DIFFS * A320 B1/B2 * A330 B1/B2 * B777 B1/B2 * A330 DIFFS FROM A320
B767-200/300 B1 or B1/B2  CF6 & PW4000 Differences from B757-200/300
Location for Theory Edinburgh Scotland
Accommodation approx 30 gbp per night B&B
B767 B1 DIFFS 01-02-2016 to 19-02-2016 Theory
B767 B1/B2 DIFFS 01-02-2016 to 02-03-2016 Theory
B767 RB211 Engine Only
22-02-2016 to 26-02-2016 Theory
B767 B1/B2 DIFFS 07-03-2016 to 15-03-2016 Practical TBC
Location for Practical Edinburg/Ireland TBC
3,995.00 B1 Only Theory/Practical per place
4,995.00 B1/B2 Theory/Practical per place
Any part of the course can be purchased separately.
Please email for full details. DAVID TAYLOR
B777-200/300 GE, Trent 800, PW4000, B1/B2
or any part off
B777-200/300 GE 90 B1
04-04-2016 to 06-05-2016
Trent 800 Engine & Airframe Interfaces B1/B2 09-05-2016 to 13-05-2016
PW4000 Engine & Airframe Interfaces B1/B2 16-05-2016 to 20-05-2016
B777-200/300 GE 90 B2 Ext
23-05-2016 to 03-06-2016
Practical 06-06-2016 to 17-06-2016
The price for the B1/B2 course is 3995 gbp theory. or 4750 gbp for theory and practical.
Please email for full details. DAVID TAYLOR
A318/A319/A320/A321 CFM56+V2500 B1/B2
14-03-2016 to 06-05-2016 Theory Alicante
A318/A319/A320/A321 CFM56+V2500 B1
09-05-2016 to 20-05-2016 Practical Estonia
Please email for full details. DAVID TAYLOR
A330- SERIES GE CF6-80, RR Trent 700, PW4000, B1/B2 or any part off
04-01-2016 to 25-03-2016
Theory to be held in Edinburgh and Practical in the U.S.A. (Miami or J.F.K.) TBC.
B1 Theory & Practical 3500 gbp Theory only
2995 gbp
B1/B2 Theory & Practical 3995 gbp Theory only 3250 gbp
Please email for full details. DAVID TAYLOR
A330 differences from A320  B1/B2 CF6 & Trent 700 & PW4000 or any part off
11-01-2016 to 04-02-2016
Theory in Edinburgh practical in Dublin TBC.
B1 Theory & Practical 2995 gbp Theory only
2000 gbp
B1/B2 Theory & Practical 3450 gbp Theory only
2500 gbp
Please email for full details. DAVID TAYLOR
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